Why Choose Permanent Hair Removal?

Laser permanent hair removalAt Skin Nexus Melbourne we specialise inĀ  IPL / Laser Permanent Hair Removal. Our state-of-the-art machines at our Glen Waverley Clinic use ELOS technology which combines Intense Pulsed Light with Radio Frequency to give you the best results with very little or no pain at all.

Think of the freedom of wearing skirts and swimsuits at a minute’s notice without having to worry about unsightly hairs on your legs and underarms, or on your back if you are a man.

Most people think that laser permanent hair removal is expensive. However, after about 8 treatments 80-98% of your hairs will never grow back, and the small percentage that still do will be very thin and light.

If you compare the cost of a lifetime of shaving and waxing, you are actually saving money and time by doing laser permanent hair removal. Please click to see some estimates of savings for different time periods.

Of course it is not just what you save, but waxing also has quite a few drawbacks:

  • It is very painful
  • You have to wait until the hairs have grown to 6-7mm before waxing
  • You will have to deal with ingrown hairs
  • Can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions
  • Can lift the skin

And what about shaving drawbacks:

  • You often get nicked with the blade
  • You can get razor burn
  • Can have razor bumps
  • The results are short lived; a few hours later your skin will feel like sandpaper
  • You will also have to deal with nasty ingrown hairs
  • Itching when the hair grows back, specially in the bikini line.

Permanent hair removal is practically painless, leaves your skin smooth, the treatment will get rid of any ingrown hairs, and after 6-8 treatments you will be virtually hair free. Free to enjoy life to the max! And best of all: IT IS A WAY OF SAVING MONEY AND TIME!

Laser Hair Removal

At Skin Nexus we use the latest technology that combine Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency to produce optimal results in the shortest period of time.

All our therapists are experienced professionals in the beauty industry and hold Laser safety certificates. You can be sure that with us, you are in good hands.


Free, no-obligation, initial consultation and Patch test

We conduct a free initial consultation and patch test to determine if the treatment is suitable for you. This first consultation will help us determine how effective the laser treatment will be, how your skin will react, and how many sessions you will need, should you decide to go ahead.

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