How to get rid of ingrown hairs – Feb 16 Newsletter

Ingrown Hairs
A common problem for women and men alike is how to get rid of ingrown hairs. For some people this is only a slight inconvenience, while for others it can be a major headache. Ingrown hairs are not only unsightly, but they can cause inflammation, itching and can also get infected. Often an ingrown hair will go away by itself, however if it gets infected or go deep into the skin, you may need a doctor's advice. The doctor can remove it with a sterile needle or scalpel.  In some cases, the i...

Getting your skin ready for Winter – Apr 15 Newsletter

preparing your skin for winter
Getting Your Skin Ready for Winter With winter just around the corner, now is the time to renew your skin after the long summer months. An exfoliating and hydrating facial will get rid of dead cells and help repair the damage done by the sun. Let go of the daily stress and relax with a facial massage that will help increase the circulation revitalising your skin. To help you achieve your best we are slicing our facial prices by half this month, so book your appointment today and prepare yo...