Getting your skin ready for Winter – Apr 15 Newsletter

preparing your skin for winter
Getting Your Skin Ready for Winter With winter just around the corner, now is the time to renew your skin after the long summer months. An exfoliating and hydrating facial will get rid of dead cells and help repair the damage done by the sun. Let go of the daily stress and relax with a facial massage that will help increase the circulation revitalising your skin. To help you achieve your best we are slicing our facial prices by half this month, so book your appointment today and prepare yo...

Radio Frequency Benefits – Mar 15 Newsletter

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatments
Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment: what is it and what can it do for me? Also called a Facelift Facial or Radio Therapy, Radio Frequency treatments are gentle, non invasive and can be a more natural alternative to the use of botox, dermafillers, and plastic surgery. Our RF Skin Tightening treatments use bi-polar radio waves to heat up the deep layers of the skin. The heat causes the collagen to contract leading to a tightening and lifting of the skin. As we age, our collagen matrix breaks ...

Sugaring hair removal…the new Waxing – Nov 14 Newsletter

Sugar Waxing Hair Removal
Sugaring ... The New Waxing Sugaring hair removal is almost as old as civilisation itself. The ancient Egyptians and Romans used to remove their body hair by using a paste made of sugar. For some unknown reason the practice was almost lost in the middle ages, and it is just now that we are rediscovering the advantages of Sugaring. What is Sugaring hair removal? Sugaring or Sugar Waxing is a form of epilation very similar to waxing, however there are some major differences that m...