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Skin care tips for the lazy girl

Busy people, specially young adults with a very active social life tend to slack in their skin care. Here are some tips to help you simplify your routine.

1 – De-clutter

Throw away any products you are not using, specially things with expired date. The base for any skin care routine is make-up remover, cleansing lotion and moisturiser – keep it simple.

2 – Keep your Cleansing lotion in the shower

Are you in a rush in the mornings? Wash your face while in the shower. If you use an exfoliating cream, you can also do it while you shower. Remember not to exfoliate more than 2 times a week.

3 – Ensure you get enough sleep

7-8 hours sleep every night ensures your body can get rid of toxins and repair any damages, revitalising your skin.

4 – Remove any make-up and dirt before bed

During our daily routines, dirt and oil accumulates on our skin, clogging pores and causing breakouts and wrinkles. Removing make-up and cleaning your face before bed helps with circulation and acne free skin.

5 – Use an overnight mask

Overnight masks are great to help with circulation and the rejuvenation of the skin.

6 – Use an SPF moisturiser

Kill two birds at once with sunscreen and moisturiser in the one product. The sun is the main cause of premature aging, causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Using a moisturiser with SPF everyday will prevent photo-aging

7 – Switch to satin pillowcases

Cotton pillowcases absorb germs, dirt and oil from your skin and overtime they build up and can clog your pores. They also cause friction against your skin leading to a break down of collagen fibres and wrinkles.

8 – Drink plenty of water

Drinking water will help to flush toxins and keep your skin hydrated and looking plump.

sources of vitamin A
Importance of Vitamin A for Skin

Quoting Dr Des Fernandes, one of the top 10 plastic surgeons in the world and founder of Environ Skin Care: “aging skin is a direct result of sun-induced vitamin A deficiency. Correct the deficiency and you’ll have more radiant skin”

Vitamin A is the only molecule that repairs damaged DNA. Skin cancer as well as some foetus malformations are associated with vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A have many anti-aging benefits helping to prevent pigmentation, sun damage, and collagen breakdown.

Vitamin A skin care promotes the moisturising factors of the skin and the natural formation of collagen and elastin. It also supports the immune system of the skin preventing the development of skin cancers.

Vitamin A = Healthy Skin

Have a wonderful Mother’s day!
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Skin Care tips for the Lazy Girl
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Skin Care tips for the Lazy Girl
Taking care of your skin doesn't need to be complicated: - Choose the basics and de-clutter your shelf - Keep your cleansing lotion in the shower - Ensure you get enough sleep - Remove any make-up and dirt before bed - Use an overnight mask - Use an SPF moisturiser - Switch to satin pillowcases - Drink plenty of water
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