AVST Hydrating Lotion

Environ AVST Hydrating LotionBenefits

The AVST Hydrating Lotion assists the natural exfoliating function leading to a clearer skin with greater resilience and a finer texture.

It softens and smoothens the skin while improving moisture content.

Aids in hydrating and improving the appearance of rough, dry, calloused skin on areas of the body such as the elbows, knees, heels and feet.

The AVST Hydrating Lotion treats excessive sun damage on the body including stretch marks, acne, dry rough skin and ingrown hair.

Key ingredients: 18% Ammonium Lactate, low levels Lactic Acid, PH 4.4

How to Use

Apply sparingly to body at night

Gradually build up to daily usage

Always use together with either AVST Body Oil or Body Cream

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