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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening TreatmentsRadio Frequency (RF) Treatment: what is it and what can it do for me?

Also called a Facelift Facial or Radio Therapy, Radio Frequency treatments are gentle, non invasive and can be a more natural alternative to the use of botox, dermafillers, and plastic surgery.

Our RF Skin Tightening treatments use bi-polar radio waves to heat up the deep layers of the skin. The heat causes the collagen to contract leading to a tightening and lifting of the skin.

As we age, our collagen matrix breaks down and our skin starts to sag, specially around the jaw line, eyebrow, under the eyes, and neck; RF helps improve the appearance of these areas by compacting the old collagen and elastin and stimulating the formation of new ones. However, the advantages of RF treatments do not end there. Other major benefits are the increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage. This means that the overall health of the skin will improve because more nutrients will be delivered to the skin, and waste and toxins will be more easily eliminated.

Radio Frequency Benefits:

  • helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles,
  • stimulates the production of healthy collagen and elastine,
  • evens skin texture,
  • increases circulation,
  • increases lymphatic drainage,
  • contracts the collagen tightening the skin,
  • helps decrease lax and sagging skin
  • is non-invasive and does not need anaesthetics
  • no down time
  • can be done in your lunch time, it only takes 30-60 min
  • effects are long lasting and the appearance keeps improving for up to 6 months after treatment.

For best results it is recommended that you undergo 6 consecutive treatments, one every two weeks, with one maintenance treatment every 6 months, afterwards.

For the price of a regular facial, this is a treatment that anybody over 40 should consider.

Environ AVST Skin Care RangeHow to choose a good skin care range.

We are bombarded everyday with advertising about new and wondrous products that claim to make us look years younger. Do they deliver? It is hard for a beautician to know if a skin product is good or not, so much harder for the average person.

Some products claim to have an immediate effect. What about the long term effect? Can any of the ingredients have a detrimental effect on the skin after prolonged use?

In general there are two first basic rules: skin nutrition and concentration of active ingredients. Determining detrimental effects is a more complicated issue.

Skin Nutrition:

You should check that the product you are buying has active ingredients that are good for the nutrition of the skin cells. Vitamin A, C and E are the basis for any good skin care product. Peptides and growth factors are an added bonus. Take into consideration that these ingredients come in different forms which are called with different names; if unsure look up the ingredients names in Internet.

Concentration of Active Ingredients:

Once you have ascertained that the product has the necessary vitamins and other ingredients that your skin needs to flourish, you need to find out their concentration. This can be difficult because many products do not estate the concentrations. Check the ingredients list. The higher up it is, the higher the content. You can also give the manufacturers a call and ask.

Here at Skin Nexus we have found that Environ is one of the best skin care ranges because they contain, among several other reasons, high concentrations of vitamin A which is one of the most beneficial compounds for a healthy skin.

The Nexus Beauty News – Vol 2, Issue 2 – March 2015 Newsletter
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