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Peptides: The effective way to stop time

Environ Avance PeptidesWhat are Peptides?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids and are the building blocks for all the proteins in our bodies, including collagen and elastin.

Peptides in skin care

As we age, the production of collagen decreases. This added to damage from sun exposure, a sugar rich diet and environmental pollution, causes sagging skin and wrinkles.

Peptides can have different functions. Some can be used to send signals to the cells to repair damaged skin, helping the fast rebuilt of collagen. Other peptides can protect the collagen matrix from environmental damage, while others can relax the muscles acting as a natural Botox.

Are Peptides the solution to aging skin?

They are only part of the solution. Your skin also needs the basic nutrients to be able to build healthy collagen. Vitamin A & C are indispensable, Hyaluronic Acid also helps.
Keeping the skin clean and hydrated, as well as protected from the sun will ensure a healthy skin. Also an adequate diet must not be overlooked. more…

What you need to know about Tattoo Removal

When we started this business we thought of offering Tattoo removal services, but the more we looked into it, the less we liked it. Why? From a commercial point of view it is a very good business over 50% of people aged 20-39 have at least one tattoo and according to statistics 1 in 3 have regrets. However, from a client point of view there are many negatives:

  1. tattoo removalIt can be very painful.
  2. Tattoo removal is a very expensive exercise. Sessions for a small tattoo are $100+ and it may take more than 15 sessions to remove it.
  3. In the best of the cases you can obtain a 95% removal, so you will always have a horrible shadow under your skin. Black and blue are the easiest colours to remove, while yellow and green can take for ever.
  4. The laser breaks down the ink in tiny droplets which are then carried off by the white cells in your body for processing by the liver. Unfortunately there are no regulations on the inks used by tattoo artists and these droplets of ink contain heavy metals and poisonous chemicals. Depending on the size of the tattoo and the toxicity of the inks you can get anything from an allergic reaction, permanent damage to your liver, or an increased risk of cancer and other health problems down the track.
  5. There is always a risk of infection, permanent scarring and hypo or hyper pigmentation.

In conclusion make sure you think it through before getting a tattoo. Ask yourself: How will it affect my personal life? Will it reduce my job opportunities? It is something that I would still like in 20 years time? If it is related to a present love: What would happen if we broke up and I got into a new relationship? And if you are already inked, it may be better to keep it, even if it makes your life a bit difficult. Choose clothing that would hide it, or cover it with make-up.

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