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I have dark skin, can I get permanent hair reduction?

Laser Hair Removal for Dark SkinIt used to be the case that people with dark skin were not able to do laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) permanent hair removal. This is no longer true. There is a new technology called elōs that combines the power of light (laser and IPL) with RF (Radio Frequency). These two energy sources when used in unison are able to treat most skin and hair colours.

How does elōs hair removal work?

With IPL and Laser the light is attracted to the colour (melanine) in the hair. The light gets converted into heat energy when it touches the hair shaft, travelling to the hair follicle and destroying it.
If the person has dark skin the light will also be attracted to the colour in the skin and cause damage to the dermis. To avoid the damage to the skin the IPL/Laser settings have to be lowered and the energy delivered to the follicle is not enough to permanently destroy it.
RF on the other hand is colour blind, it delivers the energy through the path of less resistance. Hence, when you combine both IPL/Laser and RF, the IPL/Laser can be used with low settings to create a path for the RF to complete the job.
Mind you, the hair colour must still be darker than the skin colour. Very dark skins such as those from African origin in which the hair colour is the same as the skin’s are still not able to be treated.
At our clinic we have had fantastic results with people from Indian and Middle Eastern origin, in which the hair tends to be darker than the skin.

How do I know if elōs IPL hair removal will work on me?

To make sure the treatment is suitable for you we offer a free initial consultation. At this consultation our highly trained therapists will evaluate your medical history to make sure the treatment will no cause harm to your health.
They will also perform a series of test patches to ensure you will obtain the best permanent hair reduction results without any side effects.
To book for a free initial consultation give us a call today: 03 9802 4081 and enjoy the benefits tomorrow.

Collagen Induction Therapy

ipl_skin_rejuvenation_treatments_2Also called Skin Needling or Mesotherapy, it can work wonders for your skin. It produces results equivalent to dermabrasion and deep chemical peels without the harsh damage to the epidermis.

Collagen Induction Therapy:

  • promotes the regeneration of the collagen matrix,
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles,
  • evens skin tone,
  • reduces scars and enlarged pores,
  • and increases skin elasticity.
We use an electronic pen with 12 disposable micro needles to penetrate the skin without tear and stimulate elastine and collagen regeneration. There is no downtime and the treatment is well tolerated.

Did you know IPL is great to treat broken capillaries and spider veins?

Believe it or not, 3 to 6 IPL treatments can eliminate those nasty looking spider veins around the nose and cheeks. No need to feel self conscious all the time, regain your confidence and self esteem with minimum discomfort.
The Nexus Beauty News – Vol 1 – Issue 2 – December 2014
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